Master Class: Spier Vineyards – South Africa’s signature varieties

Lauantai 5.10.2019 klo 14.00-14.50

Luennoitsija: Johan de Villiers, Wine Procurement Manager, Spier Vineyards
Hinta: 30 €

Tämä Master Class -luento pidetään englanniksi.

Spier Vineyards is driving the premium category of South African wines and have become one of the leading wineries to concentrate it’s efforts on premium wines from South Africa that is very much the future in the country’s winemaking.

The Spier philosophy and approach to these varietals and how they are put together to create wines with heritage but with a modern approach. In his master Class will the senior winemaker Johan de Villiers talk about the bright future of premium wines from south Africa and it’s terroirs and go deeper into the two signature varieties of South Africa, Chenin Blanc and Pinot Noir.

For Johan de Villiers – Spier’s Wine Procurement Manager – a passion for wine was almost inevitable. His passion for all things vinous sprouted in his childhood when, growing up on a grape farm on the banks of the Orange River, he would often visit the local wine cellar with his father. This Stellenbosch University graduate worked at three cooperative wineries before joining the Spier winemaking team in 2002.

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